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Our ConnectionS project communications group has helped 12 IT divisions and 4 HR departments to explain major changes to employees and gain fast adoption.

Consistent Communication Means Reliable Systems--

Infrastructure Reliability Program


IT managers are called on to support business units with the timely and accurate information that the company needs to stay ahead of competitors. Managers in IT and in strategic business areas can build strong partnerships based on simple, consistent facts about the data-delivering potential of your information systems.

IT-Business Partnership
99 IDEAS works with IT managers to produce simple, easy-to-use documentation to define the architecture, infrastructure, network, applications and databases that support company business. A documented, reliable, agile and secure infrastructure--hard wired or dynamic--will improve data integrity and allow your business partners to respond quickly to opportunities and challenges.

Consistent Communication
Documenting your infrastructure also allows you to simplify maintenance and extend your service improvement initiatives: asset management, service optimization, ITIL, ITSM and a CMDB. You will be better prepared to measure compliance for information security, e-discovery, or other requirements. Use our Infrastructure Reliability Program to build partnership with your business leaders through consistent communication:
l High Reliability
l Clear Value
l Consistent Service Levels
l Uniform Metrics
l Business-IT Innovation
l Organizational Capability

Complete Research and Documentation
We will produce your infrastructure documentation. You will be using your CMBD sooner because our research is based on 15 years of experience documenting systems, applications and processes. You will benefit from our research methods. We will create each document, validate it with your administrators and work with it until it is approved and adopted.

Then, we publish the complete product on your portal or wiki in a form that will be easy for your teams to use and maintain in the future. For IT procedures, we interview your subject matter experts to create your in-house library.

Call or send email to see how we simplified the infrastructure library and related procedures on projects at Safeway, Chevron and Alameda County Office of Education.

Call us at 800-99 IDEAS or email now

Infrastructure Reliability Documents
Consistent communication is the key to impeccable reliability and a high level of service:
>> Business Architecture
>> IT Systems Architecture
>> Application Architecture
>> Requirements Research
>> Design Documentation
>> Implementation Plans
>> Communication Plans
>> Data Communications Infrastructure
>> Network Infrastructure
>> Server Hardware Builds
>> Data Center Operations Instructions
>> Server Operation and Maintenance (Runbook)
>> Service Desk Procedures
>> Change Management
  -design, testing and implementation
>> Application Development Processes
>> Application User Procedures
>> Application Operation and Maintenance (Runbook)
>> Application Security
>> Business Continuity Plan and Procedures
>> Policies and Procedures
>> Information Technology Annual Report

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