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Even the most competent projects yield temporary results. Then they're replaced by the next new thing. Add measurable and lasting value to your next project.

Use classic principles of communication and persuasion to market your products and services to your most profitable audiences.

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If your business uses these technologies and platforms, consider adopting our Infrastructure Reliability Program to make administration, maintenance and new development work faster and more confident:

SQL Server, Exchange, IIS, Identity Resolution, Unified Communication, VOIP, Workflow Automation, SharePoint, Lotus Notes, Plumtree, Tibco, SAP, Java, Apache, Tomcat, Perforce, ProSight, Visual Source Safe, Aldon IntelliSuite, Remedy, FootPrints, Confluence, IIS, ESB, SOA, SOI, ITSM, ITIL, CMDB, Rational Unified Process, Rapid Application Development, Cloud Computing, Tivoli, Symantec, Vantive, MS Dynamics, MS Content Management, or Web Applications--99

Information Drives Innovation

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Innovation moves every company and organization.
99 IDEAS.net creates business and technical communications that accelerate your innovation.

Use our proven methods to promote continuous improvement, train your employees, market your products and services, and inspire your customers with the value you deliver. Or, to inspire existing customers again. Click a link on the left.

99 Free Ideas
The friends, clients and staff at ConnectionS and 99 IDEAS appreciate great ideas wherever they find them. They send them to our editor. She adds the best to THE LIST.
Reliability Program

Cut through the complexity and cost that keep your IT division from delivering impeccable reliability and a high level of service.

IT-Business Partnership
IT managers can support business units with the timely and accurate information your company needs to stay ahead of your competitors. Managers in strategic business areas can build stronger partnerships on common ground with their IT counterparts.

Use our Infrastructure Reliability Program to respond quickly to opportunities and challenges.

Why Take the
Time to Train?

Willie Mays once said he was so good at
baseball because, "Before a game, I'd
see myself hitting, catching and throwing.
Willie Mays recent book I knew exactly how I was going to make
a play."
Success naturally followed his mental preparation. See the recent James Hirsch book about Mays at your book store, BN.com, or Amazon.com. See what a simple training strategy will do for your business on our Services page.
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